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About Us

We are a bunch of passionate individuals who want life to be all fun and games (Just kidding).

What started as a small company of gaming enthusiasts has since turned into a Game Development Company in Mumbai. We aim to provide a platform for like minded gamers and people who enjoy and love games. People who are passionate about video games and want to bring in more people to share, boast and discuss their skills, wins, hand-to-eye coordination and most importantly, their talent.


Our team consists of specialists in many fields, including artists, engineers, developers, and so much more and we are always looking to expand our team with talented people who are passionate about building great games.

We’re experts in having a good time, and offer our fellow gamers a chance to unleash their inner child through our awesome games. So channel all your energies, wear your thinking caps, make a war cry, face the challenges – the battleground awaits you!


Let us know how we can help you; When it comes to the gaming world, the sky's the limit.

Happy Gaming!!!

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